Meet the Team

Introducing the humans that make Happy Sunday happen! As a small independent business we are a tight knit team of vintage lovers, working our socks off to bring you the best vintage experience in Nottingham and beyond.

Pop in to say hi next time you're near our Derby road store, or drop us an email at if you have any burning questions!

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This is Bryony (she/her), Happy Sunday founder, colour queen, DIY project manager, dog mum and general chaotic ball of energy.

FAVOURITE ERA : Impossible to choose! I love the whole midcentury vibe, and pick and choose styles within that.
STYLE : Children’s TV presenter
MUSIC TASTE : All Dolly all the time!
CAN OFTEN BE FOUND : doing DIY in cowboy boots

This is Mihnea (he/him), Happy Sunday co-owner, our second-favourite Romanian, admin nerd and sword collector. He brings the calm and practical energy to Happy Sunday, and is a sucker for a good spreadsheet!

FAVOURITE ERA : The glorious 1700s
STYLE : Utilitarian Chic
MUSIC TASTE : Headbanging to Rammstein
CAN OFTEN BE FOUND : Nerding over spreadsheets

This is Eden (she/they), our resident ‘cool kid’, gen-z informant, cheerleader, sales assistant and social media queen!

FAVOURITE ERA: has to be 70s because the fashion is just unmatched
STYLE: at the moment its streetwear
MUSIC TASTE: everything but mainly dnb, indie & 90s hiphop
CAN OFTEN BE FOUND: at the pub, charity shopping or taking photos

This is Stevie (he/him), paw-sonal assistant to the directors, chief of security and gooiest boy! Stevie is certified blind, and was rescued from the streets of Romania in 2021.

FAVOURITE ERA : What’s an era?
STYLE : Always in his birthday suit
MUSIC TASTE : Country - yeehaw!
CAN OFTEN BE FOUND : Nappin’ and snackin’

This is Courtney (she/her), sales queen and fit check coordinator! Often found styling up our mannequins or prancing around in TikToks.

STYLE: bows are an absolute staple
MUSIC: The Cure will always be my #1!
CAN OFTEN BE FOUND: at a gig or shut away with my knitting machine and yummy yarns!

This is Jodie (she/her), the coolest cutie who graces us with her joyful and infectious energy during the holidays.

STYLE : a mix of masc and hyper femme, I like to keep people on their toes
MUSIC TASTE : anything that speaks to my soul, (I'm looking at you Etta James)
CAN OFTEN BE FOUND : crocheting in a cafe, crocheting on the bus, crocheting on the beach