Yup, we said it!

Sustainability is at the core of Happy Sunday , and the main driver for our business and ambitions.

And we’re not just talking about fashion. The same wasteful, exploitative and unethical practises extend to the high street homewares, jewellery and furniture brands - ‘cheap’ products made by mass production CAN NEVER BEEN ETHICAL OR SUSTAINABLE. It’s that simple. 

We’re not blaming the individuals that shop at these places (come on, we are all guilty of it ever so often!) and not the employees either, it’s the corporate level bosses who prioritise profits over people, resources AND THE PLANET. 

We set up Happy Sunday Vintage as a hub of second-hand treasure. We aim to educate and encourage the purchase of quality second-hand pieces instead of buying new from the high street. We strive to be as affordable as more high street alternatives, MORE affordable if possible. As a small business our overheads are less, so we pass this onto you by pricing our stock as fairly as we can. 

Be a babe and consume carefully, vote with your money and consider second-hand next time you are out shopping for yourself or others. 

There is so much STUFF in existence already, we really don’t need to be making any more.

We recommend @clotheshorsepodcast for all the education about sustainability, slow fashion and some serious myth busting!

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